Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dual Coding: The Good Stuff

While contemplating what to write about concerning the dual code theory, I just so happen to be watching television. The first commercial I saw was an ad for Johnsonville Brats. It was a commercial featuring a wife and husband talking about dinner and the husband was about to cook out Brats - Johnsonville Brats to be exact. He then proceeded to start daydreaming about things that make him the happiest for a few moments before the man's wife tapped him on the shoulder and repeatedly said "honey" before the husband returned from 'the zone' and was holding a package of Johnsonville Bratwurst. The commercial definitely related the brats to other things that the man finds as a means to make him happy. Such things have now become very obvious while watching commercials and seeing multiple other kinds of advertisements that utilize the dual coding theory! I believe it is a very effective method and have several things that I immediately relate to such things due to the dual coding theory.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Group Work

I believe our group has been effective for the most part thus far. There have been minor problems along the way, but I think that comes along with every group. Bob and I were in Chicago and missed two meetings or so, but seeing as how we are the design team we were able to work this out easily. Software was also a problem in the area that some group members had problems opening certain type of documents, but this was solved after a little reorganizing into different file types - which sometimes was a hassle, but nonetheless doable. Communication was mostly done through email, which sometimes proved to be a bit slow but everything got done on time. We worked most of the 'to do list' out in meetings and would email with any questions or suggestions when a group decision or opinion was needed. Overall, I really enjoy working with my group! We always have fun and get our work done in a timely manner.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mock Interview

Earlier this week I had a mock interview for an application to graduate school at Clemson University. I believe the interview went rather well. Of course, as with most things it had its positives and negatives. I prepared a little for the interview but not nearly as much as I should have. Some questions I feel as if I took a short pause or maybe stumbled across but I do not think any one part of the interview did not go well. The only part that did not go as well as I hoped was when asked if I had any questions for the interviewer regarding the school or program. Even though I did have questions, at that moment in time I drew a blank. After the interview, we discussed the interview as well as my cover letter and resume. So, all in all, I was satisfied with the interview and my cover letter and resume received impressive reviews for more formal interview!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Last week, most fourth year Architecture students took a trip to Chicago. Simply put, it was an amazing trip! The good times all started before we even left for Chicago! A group of us stayed at a friend's house before flying out in the morning and her dad cooked us dinner the night before and breakfast the morning before we headed to the airport - I can not explain how good the food and how great of a cook he really is in fear of not giving him enough praise. Yea, it was that good. Not to mention, we had breakfast when we arrived back home as well!
Anyways, on to Chicago. The city was very fun! We visited many sites with the class including a walking tour of early skyscrapers, IIT, Oak Park, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and a Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise! I have to admit though, I was not a big fan of the museum we visited. I guess I am one of the people who just cannot appreciate "contemporary art." Everything else we visited was great!
Getting around the city was a little trickier to me than when we visited NYC. It took some adjusting to, especially from Clemson, and sometimes it was just easier to pile a bunch of people in a cab and just go! One thing I have to mention though: they do not call Chicago the "windy city" for nothing. It was windy. Very windy, actually. All the time. Needless to say, I was cold a lot along with many others. We also had a lot of free time - I think the trip was half for educational purposes and half to just let us have fun with architecture. All in all, it was a great trip and good to have a break away from the worries and stresses of school!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Anything I Want, huh?

For this week's blog topic, I would like to ask this: is there ever any good news anymore??

The reason I ask? Well, check your local news, national sites such as CNN, or any news for that matter! It seems that everything that happens in today's world is negative. For example, the current headline on is "Town in shock after deputy kills 6." Wow. After a quick glance over the other headlines, nothing else on the site seems to be of praise or any other form of good news. My mom and I were talking on the phone just last week and this topic came up. She was reading the news and this article was talking about an old man who always went to the same Bojangles every morning, ordered the same thing, and sat at the same place with all of his friends. Apparently this had been happening for quite some time and the staff had become friends with the man. After all, they saw each other basically every day! This article went on about how nice he was and everything, and my mom was finally excited to see something good-hearted and positive in the news. And then came the punchline: one morning, the man was getting out of his vehicle and fell in the parking lot. Yep, you guessed it! He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Point proven. Why can't there be anything good ever portrayed in the news? For one thing, it seems to be a popular belief now that the three main things the public loves are money, sex, and violence. I know I am not alone on this matter feeling that I am tired of all the negativity portrayed in the world. Yes, bad things happen but on the contrary so do many, many good things! I just want to know why it seems none of the good things are ever publicized as much as the bad news!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Interviewing Tips

My first article I read was "Is Hiding Your Wedding Band Necessary at a Job Interview?" I think this article caught my attention for obvious reasons; If I was married I do not believe this would have ever crossed my mind. The article discusses several topics, seeming to mainly focus on balancing kids and work. It first discusses that being who you truly are - engagement ring glistening, or single - should not be an issue while interviewing. I personally think - or would like to think - that interviewers would like to see the true you. Point made. The balancing kids topic, on the other hand, is debatable. Every set of parents is going to have their own view of what is best for their child. Basically, I think that says enough. There is no one single thing that is best for every kid, or parent for that matter.

The next article that caught my eye was "How To Impress Interviewers Below the Mason-Dixon Line." Being born and raised in the south - and not planning on moving north any time soon, this article naturally grabbed my attention. It basically went over what kind of characteristics southerners naturally carry and what southerners expect from others. It covered such topics as being a team player, showing good character, formality is desirable, a low-key approach is best (southerners are not aggressive), family values are top priority, and to slow down - everything in the south is done slow, from talking to making decisions. Being from the south, this all makes perfect sense. But to non-southerners, I believe this would be an excellent guideline to follow if seeking a job in the south!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 Years From Now...

hmm...this is a very thought provoking subject. I guess I have given it thought, but only in random conversations or while daydreaming contemplating what I really want to do with my life.
Ten years from now, I will be in my early 30's - 33 to be exact. After graduating in May, I basically have two options: more schooling or working. I have yet to make up my mind about this matter as of right now, but hope to do so soon!
Option 1: School. When speaking of school, I have another two options: getting my fifth year degree in Architecture or getting my Master's degree. If I decide to get my fifth year degree, that will allow me to get a professional license degree instead of going to grad school for my Master's of Architecture. But, I want to get my Master's degree in Real Estate Development, so most likely I will be going somewhere - maybe even Clemson - to fulfill that degree!
Option 2: Work. Before jumping right into the beginning of my career, I am hoping to have a little time off. Somehow, someway, I would like to have the money to be able to travel! I have never been to Europe, so that is one goal I want to accomplish before I die - hopefully before having kids! After traveling, I want to get a job (obviously) and work for a while - only a couple years or so - before eventually going back to school to complete my Master's. So, either way I want to go back to school; either now or later.
Eventually after getting my Master's, its family time!! I am not opposed to getting married before finally being done with school, but I definitely want to wait until my wife (lucky girl, I know!!) and I have steady jobs before having kids! I want to own a house - even if only a starter home - for my family and I to inhabit. I hope to have two kids or so, with at least one boy! I am sure my wife will have all of this figured out for me, haha! Basically, by my early thirties I hope to have a wonderful family and be well into my career! I hope to be working hard and be very successful early in my career so I can at least be 'climbing the ladder' on my way to either being a partner or owning my own firm!!